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Ray Marco
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Ray was born in Albany, New York. He is blond and blue eyed of North Italian heritage. His parents live just outside of Venice, Italy.

Ray spent four years in the U.S. Air Force and served in the Security Services, decoding and lecturing on Chinese and Russian codes.

After his service career he returned to radio broadcasting and worked in Connecticut. While there, in 1956, Ray recorded a song for Eisenhower's re-election campaign. The popularity of "Abilene" began to pick up steam around Connecticut radio stations and Ray was asked to travel on Einsenhower's election train and perform the song. But, at that time, Eisenhower suffered a heart attack. Eisenhower did recover. However, Ray was unable to perform his song on the train during the election.

Ray was asked to perform his song recently at "The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum" for the 60th anniversary of the Korean war. Ray's song did find it's place in history and now resides in "The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum"

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Then, in 1959 Ray decided to make Ft. Lauderdale his home. He soon became one of the most popular singers in the area. His great voice, choice of songs, sense of humor and sincere rapport made him an instant hit in the South Florida area. Ray has appeared many of the most prestigious spots in South Florida including the Fontainbleau Hilton and the Doral Beach to name a couple.

Being fluent in several different languages, Ray has traveled the world, performing in: The Famous Song Festivals of Northern Italy / Cairo, Egypt / Central America / and the Bahamas. Of course, Ray has also traveled throughout the U.S. appearing on the "Playboy Club" circuit and in cities like Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe.    

Ray has also performed in many movies, TV shows and on radio.

No matter the venue, the language or what song it may be, Ray handles it with his own unique style.

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